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The latest GPS guided tour technology for Self-Guided Tours and Corporate Team-Building Events

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The most robust platform on the market today for building and distributing tour and activity experiences.

An elegant solution for tour operators, rental companies, and hotels seeking to engage with their customers in new ways.



Get out in the field and test and experience what your product will feel like.

GoCAR Network offers the tour operator an easy to use GPS toolset that is a powerful palette of online tools that enables a novice experience-designer to compose a GPS-driven audio OR visual experience into your chosen market niche. And then easily distribute that experience into your target market segment, as a value-added package bundled with say a bike, or a boat tour, or a bus tour, or a walking tour, or as a customized group event. Literally any outdoor activity can be enhanced with an experience built on the GoCar Network platform. Completely usable offline.

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Listen Audios

Discover Places

Take Photos & Videos


VR 360º

Scan & Interact

Answer Questions

Score Points

Get Rewards

Play with


The software that powers GoCAR-GPS-Guided Tours™ is built on this versatile online platform that can be used to customize and build any location-based experience that can address many use case scenarios.


Your dashboard account makes it easy to build, launch and interact


Software Design

Full Interactive,

Customized and Versatile!

Game Platform Builder

Treasure Hunt, Guided Tour, Tablet Rally …



 Engaged mobile experience

Smartphone Device

Devices from 4 to 6.5 inch

Android Version

Compatible with Android devices from Android 4.4 up to date

2D GPS Orientation

Accurate GPS positioning with compass orientation. The Route points trigger based on bidirectional and conditional references.

Tablet Device

Devices up to 10.1 inch

IOS Version

Compatible with IOS devices from Iphone 5 up to date.

3D Navigation

Navigate with 3D orientation. Driving experience that supports 3D maps and buildings in offline mode.

2D Offline Maps

Smooth, fast and accurate maps in all zoom levels. City road names, road arrows orientation and POI’s can be setup independently.

Audio and Info Guide

Customers can follow the route path and listen/read the audio and Info content inserted on the DataBase. POI’s Info will also be shown during the Route.

Dashboard Panel

Cloud Server access with independent account for each location.

Activities Challenges

Add Activities Challenges spread on the map. Customers can go to GPS map locations and interact individually or with teams some Activities/Games/Challenges built on the panel console.

Multi Language Support

Languages can be switch in all the routes available. Up to 10 languages.

Backup Data

All content data are daily secured.

New Features

Booking Tickets built in

Booking Platform that allows Customers to purchase online tickets of the Network Agents.

Wrist-Band Technology

Activate and Check products added on the wrist-band. Customers can redeem products and do fast check-in entry in the Network Partners/Agents places.

Social Media built in

Share Experiences directly to Customers accounts (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

Augmented Reality

New Technology added recently that will allow people to find clues, treasures, and play games in a augmented reality world.


+ 10



Locations Worlwide

+ 500.000



Events Bookings

+ 1 Million



Engaged Travelers

+ 120 min



Daily Usage

+ 95 %


Customer Satisfaction


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